Sarah Ashland
Wendy Childs
Elaine Gesik
Greg Glover
Tami Mclole
Lt Col (Ret) Joel Pawloski
Col (Ret), Multnomah Co Sheriff LE (Ret) Rick Coufal
Luke Shipman
Shawna Snyder
Wes Snyder
Rose Etherington
David Sarff
Sharon Buller
Ron Whitwell
Bobbie Rogers
Sven Anderson
Pastor Bill Bates
Pastor Aren Jensen
MSgt, USAF (Ret.) Laurie Kimmell
Elizabeth Infante-Garcia
Sam Whately
Bill Bates
Josh Garcia
and Many Others


Marion County GOP (vote of support)
Oregon Right to Life (ORTL)
Parents Rights in Education
Build Back Basics in Education
Marion Co Commissioner: Danielle Bethell
Salem-Keiser School Board: Danielle Bethell, Chair
Salem-Keizer School Board: Dr. Satya Chandragiri
Salem-Keizer School Board: Marty Heyen
Newberg School Board: David Brown, Chair
Newberg School Board: Trevor DeHart
Polk County: Kris Golly
Yamhill County: Maurice “Moe” Yader
National Election Integrity Expert: Capt. Seth Keshel
ORP Election Integrity Co-Chair: Don Powers
Castro Monroy Group: Jonathan Castro Monroy
Beloved Cheesecakes: Jen Jacobson
Aumsville Mayor: Derek Clevenger
Renee Powell: Newberg School board
Novel Rose, LLC: Rosalie Etherington
Arne Jensen Landscaping: Aren Jensen
Ashland Brothers Concrete: Kim Ashland
GK Machine, Inc: Gary Grossen, President
4C’s Company, Inc: Deirdre Cooper
The River Church: Pastors Lorri & Lew Wootan
and Many Others
Restore Oregon NOW

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