Q: Why are you running for congress instead of a local position on your first run for office?

A: My career and lived experiences in the federal government starting with my military service and my years of working in federal civil service for VA Medical Centers lend themselves more to the concerns we are dealing with at the federal level at this time in our history, such as international military conflict, national security, medical mandates and a national mental health crisis. My experiences at the county and state level with policy, budget and legislative advocacy and providing expert testimony in several counties in the state have also helped to prepare me for understanding, interpreting, and applying law to daily life. 

Q: What is district 6?

A: This is the brand new district that was created by the census. It encompasses the most populous parts of Marion county, Yamhill, Polk, and portions of Clackamas, Washington and Linn Counties.

Check out this interactive map of the new districts:


Q: How old are you?

A: I actually get this question a lot. I am 45. My husband and I have been married for 25 years and we have 2 sons ages 8 and 13. 

Q: Are you a Republican?

A: I have been a registered Republican for most of my adult life, but more than that I am a Constitutional Conservative committed to preserving the freedoms afforded to Americans by the constitution I swore to defend when I was 19.

Q: Do you believe in CRT and comprehensive sex education?

A: No, I do not believe in CRT. CRT is inherently racist and is used to foster division that harms individuals and communities. It is based on Marxist ideals that are anti-American and have no place in our schools or government.

I believe in the actual and factual teaching of history and being able to discuss events and opinions civilly even openly and honestly with people we disagree with. I do not agree with teaching a false narrative of history such as the 1619 project or that people are oppressors or victims as with CRT-based learning models. I instead choose to believe and teach that we are overcomers.

Our children are currently being hypersexualized through the ODE approved lessons of CSE. Check out these videos for a sample of what is being shown in schools in the fifth grade: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6_BeDBNJbwI

Q: What is your view on bodily autonomy and medical freedom? 

A: A vital part of medical/psychological practice is providing informed consent, meaning presenting patients with the information they need to make an informed choice. Mandates remove the ability for people to have self-determination. I have been an outspoken advocate for bodily autonomy and medical freedom.

Q: What is your view on school choice?

A: Oregon schools are 48th in the nation for academics. High school graduation rate is 78.7%. 40-50% of all Oregon students starting college must take remedial classes when they enter college. Oregon schools are failing. Our kids deserve a better-quality education and taxpayers deserve a better return on our investment. Parents and students need to be able to choose the school that is the best fit for them. The money should follow the student to promote improvement in academic standards and preparation to compete on an international level.