Angela Plowhead 2-cm

Angela Plowhead demands accountability in education.

Published in Northwest Observer “In the weeks before the recall election, I publicly stated my support for those board members. I went to Newberg several times to physically stand alongside those who campaigned against the recall and was the only top Congressional District 6 candidate to do so,” Said Dr. Angela Plowhead. Read more… Content credit to Northwest Observer

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Angela Plowhead 1-cm

Angela Plowhead brings a fresh perspective to Oregon’s 6th. 

Published in Polk County Itemizer-Observer “When I saw a rise of communism in our own country, it was shocking to me that people in our own country, growing up knowing freedom, would be open to the idea of having socialism as part of our construct,” Plowhead said, explaining why she chose to get into politics. Read more… Content credit to

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