Restore Fundamental Liberties

- Defend every individual's right to free and open speech without fear of retaliation.  The 1st amendment secures every other liberty.

- Preserve and protect the 2nd amendment which secures our human right of self-defense and encourages a safer society.

- Reject all federal mandates or regulations that violate personal privacy, bodily autonomy, or private property rights.

- Support and protect fair and secure elections where every valid vote is counted and election integrity is maintained.

Reform Education:

- Return federal control to state/local control policies and demand accountability that empowers students and parents.

- Remove divisive politics, false ‘history’, and hyper sexualization of our children from the classroom and return to teaching the basics that focus on preparing our children for their future.

- School Choice is the civil rights issue of our generation and the only way to achieve equal educational opportunities for all.

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Restore Safe Communities:

- Secure the borders and reduce the uncontrolled flow of illegal drugs, violent crime, and human sex trafficking.

- Rebuild our national defense, restore energy independence and lead from a position of strength for a safer world.

- Strengthen the position of our military and law enforcement by removing the destructive politicization of the department of defense and federal agencies.

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Reinvigorate our Economy:

- Reduce cost of living for American families by removing excessive taxes and regulation.

- Incentivize entrepreneurship and encourage small business growth by reducing governments involvement rather than funding more destructive government growth.

- End the limitless debt ceiling increases and massive government spending that is driving the price up on everything we need to live and bankrupting our children’s future.

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