Republicans x Democrats-cm

Oregon was among the states that received a new Congressional district following the 2020 national census. Its population has grown enough to justify adding the sixth seat, which is the one that I’m running for.

The district was drawn in such a way as to make it competitive and a very winnable republicans seat. It includes Polk, Yamhill, the most populace portion of Marion, and smaller portions of Clackamas and Washington counties. I have lived in 4 of the 5 counties and went to graduate school for 5 years in the remaining county. The people in these countries have been my friends, neighbors, and coworkers.

There was originally some partisan wrangling about the district’s boundaries. As it is, one of the Democrats who’s running for the seat was co-chair of the committee that drew them. She announced her candidacy for the district she helped draw almost as soon as those maps withstood a court challenge.

Approximately 16 candidates are running for this new seat, nine Democrats and seven Republicans. They include several former or current officeholders. However, Americans are tired of politicians out to serve self interest and promote their own career aspirations, instead of the best interest of the American people. They’ve proven that with recent freshman congressional classes, in which only 41% of them had previously served in a political office in the 116th congress and just slightly more than that in the 117th.

All indications are that the national election will be a red wave. The continued unpopularity and failure of President Biden’s policies means that many competitive seats will likely go Republican. 

The current Congress has 222 Democrats and 210 Republicans, a very narrow margin. Republicans are looking to flip a record number of seats to retake the majority this year.  

As such, Oregon has a unique opportunity to increase the number of Republicans in its national delegation. Former longtime state legislator Cliff Bentz is currently the only one, and he represents the state’s vast Second Congressional District.

Oregon’s Fourth Congressional District is an open seat for the first time since the 1980s, with longtime U.S. Rep. Peter DeFazio retiring. Republican Alek Skarlatos raised a lot of money, came very close to flipping the district in 2020 and is running again.

In the Fifth Congressional District, Democratic incumbent Kurt Schrader is facing a primary challenger. Many of his party’s county central committees are supporting his challenger, which puts him in a difficult position. That race features seven total candidates, including five Republicans. It is already attracting national attention. As will the 6th congressional district after the primaries  

All things considered, there is a good chance that red wave will see four Republicans representing Oregon in Congress next year. So select your candidate in each district and support them because they will be voting for you even if they are not in your district when they get to Washington DC.  I hope to earn your support to be one of them, so we can get common sense, honor, integrity and services before self as guiding characteristics in congress.  

I’ve spent the past several months traveling all over the Sixth Congressional District meeting voters, hearing their concerns and getting my message out to them. Based on what I’m hearing from them, this November is shaping up to be a perform storm for a strong sweep. I’m ready to be part of it.

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